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In 2021, ANDREW GRABAU says Heart of Missouri United Way will "make investments around making sure our kids are ready for kindergarten, to make sure that our third-graders are reading at a proficient level, to make sure that our kids can begin middle school (and successfully complete middle school), and then graduate from high school." But how? March 10, 2021

Heart of Missouri United Way executive director ANDREW GRABAU is looking back on 2020 and feeling very thankful. Thankful for the donors, thankful for the stakeholders, thankful for the volunteers...just thankful for the community in general. "Because of that generosity, over 40,000 individuals in our community received [COVID-related] emergency help." February 4, 2021

"United Way is really proud of being to complete the circle from when someone makes a gift to making sure that we can connect it to a need, and result in a stronger and better community." -- ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way executive director  December 17, 2020

If you're a fan of the show 'Chopped' on Food Network, you won't want to miss the local version, 'CoMo Chopped', next week on Facebook and YouTube. The purpose, according to ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way, is to put a spotlight on local chefs in local restaurants preparing a unique dish that you, the audience, vote on with your pocketbook (a.k.a. a donation to United Way). November 2, 2020

Looking to invest in our community? Consider donating to Heart of Missouri United Way. Executive director ANDREW GRABAU says, "when you give to United Way, you're giving to a structured strategy that allows us to have the biggest reach, the biggest impact, and therefore your dollars go further." October 1, 2020

Heart of Missouri United Way strategically invests the donations made by you into programs that provide healthy food, physical education and general health care to those less fortunate in our community. According to executive director ANDREW GRABAU, in one report, 94% of people who benefitted from these programs had "improved healthy outcomes." He says what that means is, "when we break down these barriers and provide access, people get healthier." August 21, 2020

"All told, United Way provides over 2 million dollars annually in strengthening the non-profit sector, because we know that if they are strong, then the services that they provide are strong, which means that donations to support United Way are going to help more individuals." -- ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way executive director July 20, 2020

Heart of Missouri United Way is partnering with FamilyWize to help the uninsured afford the necessary prescriptions they need every day or those who just need assistance in purchasing a specific prescription. ANDREW GRABAU says this program "can provide significant savings." Plus, find out about an upcoming fundraiser at the Jersey Mike's locations in Columbia! March 25, 2020

Heart of Missouri United Way executive director ANDREW GRABAU and engagement coordinator LAURA ESTES introduce us to a new program aimed at the baby boomer generation: Give Five. Retirees can sign up for five classes, after which they're asked to volunteer for a minimum of five hours a month at a location that best serves their interest. January 21, 2020

'Tis the season to be giving, and there are few organizations in our community that need your donation more than Heart of Missouri United Way. For instance, executive director ANDREW GRABAU tells us that last year over 200 school-aged children were 'couch surfers', meaning they didn't know where they were going to be sleeping each night. December 23, 2019

This Thursday is 'Live United Day' in mid-Missouri. ANDREW GRABAU says "it is absolutely essential for us as a community to work together, to be together and to support one another if we are all going to have the same opportunities to succeed in our community. We have to live united!" November 19, 2019

"Boone County, in the state of Missouri, ranks LAST when it comes to escaping generational poverty." -- ANDREW GRABAU on why the Heart of Missouri United Way's annual Day of Caring campaign kick-off is a crucial first step to ensuring that those in need receive the services they need. Lange Middle School principal BERNARD SOLOMON speaks to how the efforts of the United Way affects the children attending Columbia Public Schools. September 3, 2019

"In our community, we are failing to help the most marginalized to have the opportunities to get out of poverty, and we need to do more to help them." -- ANDREW GRABAU on the reason why Heart of Missouri United Way has spent more than 400 hours this year alone reviewing grant applications that deal with financial stability  May 20, 2019

Not everyone has a "social safety net," and for some, one economic setback could sink their ship, so-to-speak. Heart of Missouri United Way can be that safety net, but not without help from the community at large. ANDREW GRABAU tells us how easy it is to get involved. Also, WALLY PFEFFER and ALLY CUNNINGHAM, co-chairs of the 17th annual Boone County Legislative Forum on Higher Education, tell us about this year's event happening next week at Grand Cru in Columbia! (4:15) January 14, 2019

"We have a program that's geared for people who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes...so that they decrease their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes," SABRINA WEAVER, RN, Defense Against Diabetes founder. Also, ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way, says it's not cheap to live in Boone County. As such, he invites everyone to an upcoming summit focusing on the "economic mobility in our community." (3:57) October 23, 2018

Did you know that the entire Mizzou campus is actually a botanic garden? See it for yourself, along with four special guests from the University of Georgia, on September 23rd during a symposium titled "Georgia Champions of Landscape Gardening and their Published Passions for Plants." Guest: PETE MILLIER | Also, this is a big week for our local United Way because Saturday marks the beginning of the 2018 Campaign Kickoff and Day of Caring. ANDREW GRABAU says this campaign is raising funds to help support 54 local non-profit agencies. (3:58) September 4, 2018

"That's what I love about...'TRYPS Edge'. It's chosen for the young adult audience, and to be performed by the kids it's been written for," JILL WOMACK on the age-appropriate cast of 'Heathers the Musical', opening this Thursday on the Stephens College campus. Also, ANDREW GRABAU tells us how you can help Heart of Missouri United Way with it's "really elaborate" grant-writing process that happens each fall. (4:26) July 17, 2018

Today Paul Pepper visits with Osher@Mizzou's MICHAEL PORTER about the "wonderful array" of classes beginning September 11th! If you're 50+, you can sign up for one class, or you can become a 'premiere member'. New this year: "Osher Sings". Watch for details! At [4:29] ANDREW GRABAU, Executive Director of Heart of Missouri United Way, invites everyone to take part in the Day of Caring (a.k.a. Day of Volunteering) September 11th in Columbia. This is the kickoff to their fundraising campaign, the goal of which is over $3M! September 5, 2017

Today Paul Pepper visits with ANDREW GRABAU, Executive Director of the Heart of Missouri United Way, about their latest community campaign. Last year's efforts came up just short of it's $3M goal. Why donate? Andrew says because United Way "provides unduplicated service to help those in poverty across our community, because poverty is a complex problem." At [4:29] University of Missouri School of Music professors STEVEN THARP and NEIL MINTURN invite everyone to Talking Horse Theatre for "An Evening of Cabaret." If you're a fan Gershwin and jazz standards, don't miss this one-night-only performance/fundraiser - watch for details! September 29, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with CHRIS OLIVER, director of MU Theatre's latest production, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." Don't miss this one-of-a-kind, energized show that - at it's core - is about "finding self-acceptance." At [4:42] ANDREW GRABAU, Executive Director of Heart of Missouri United Way, tells us why their annual Community Campaign, titled 'Just One More,' is "a call to action for the community to rally around our agencies that we support." October 22, 2015

Jacob Steimer/Missouri Business Alert

At the end of 2014, many Missouri United Way chapters came up short on their fundraising goals. Local charities felt the effects of low fundraising and different funding initiatives at the Heart of Missouri United Way in Columbia. Missouri Business Alert's Jacob Steimer reports on the impact that funding and program changes have had on mid-Missouri charities.