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The end of the year is fast approaching. LaBrunerie Financial president ALEX LaBRUNERIE says if you want to make a QCD using your RMD, you can take it from your IRA, tax-free! Confused? Click the play button to decode Alex's alphabet soup of investing. November 22, 2019

The question on the table is: is your house your greatest asset? Yours truly says yes, it is; our guest, consumer expert MEL ZELENAK, says no, it's not. What do you think and why? June 27, 2019

Investing in the stock market in your later years can be tricky. For example, if you're 70 years old and you're deriving income from your portfolio, take your age from 100 and use that number as the percent to be in stocks. ALEX LaBRUNERIE from LaBrunerie Financial says it's not a perfect system, but it "tends to make one more conservative." April 1, 2019

"As investors, we tend to bid stocks up historically in January." -- ALEX LaBRUNERIE, LaBrunerie Financial, on what's known as the 'Santa Claus effect', where corporations take an optimistic look at the year ahead following the holiday season. December 26, 2018