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After being approved at the Columbia City Council meeting April 15, certain schools can now have more than six chickens on their property. The amendment was proposed to enhance STEAM programming.

Aside from an annual 10-day project in elementary school classrooms, no public schools in Columbia raise chickens.

But starting this fall, Jefferson and Fairview Elementary School will be the first two to raise them long-term. Fairview is transitioning to become a place-based school, which emphasizes a focus on the school's surrounding environment over places only accessible in textbooks or technology.

KBIA's Charlie Clarke and Columbia Missourian reporter Hannah Hoffmeister went around to some of the district's schools to see how chickens are currently used in schools and how they'll be implemented in the future.

The Columbia Fire Department, administrators and electrical engineers were on the scene of an electrical fire at Jefferson Middle School in Columbia Monday morning. 

According to Columbia Public Schools Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark, the fire occurred on the exterior north side of the building. There was no strucutral damage.

Jefferson Middle School was already closed for the day due to hazardous road conditions. More information will be available Monday afternoon. 

Special programs address bullying in Columbia schools

Oct 25, 2013
Daniel Shapiro / KBIA

October is National Bully Prevention Month, and some local schools are addressing the problem with special programs and discussions.

Every morning in Patti Watts’ classroom at Jefferson Middle School, she begins the day with an 18 minute advisory session, and this month, the topic covered is bullying. Watts’ enjoys this time with her students, and believes this more relaxed atmosphere gives students the confidence to speak their minds.