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Jennifer Black Cone

The basis for the annual Parley P. Pratt Freedom Run on July 4th in Columbia is rooted in early-19th century Missouri history. Pratt was jailed in western Missouri for his Latter-Day Saints affiliation, but escaped. The 'Freedom Run' thus commemorates Pratt's stand and religious freedoms in the United States. Guest: NEWELL KITCHEN | Also, JENNIFER CONE tells us about TRYPS' dragon-themed summer camps, their upcoming production of Matilda and the return of 'PJ Play Days'! (4:45) June 24, 2019

Today Paul Pepper visits with JENNIFER BLACK CONE about Roald Dahl's "James and the Giant Peach," the latest production from TRYPS! See it this weekend at the Macklanburg Playhouse on the Stephens College campus. Also, watch for details on how you can get involved with TRYPS! At [3:39] CLARA STARK and AUBREY TAYLOR tell us why your child should join the fun at Maplewood Barn's popular Children's Theatre Summer Camp, taking place over two weeks in July. Registration is open now! April 5, 2017