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'Last Train to Nibroc' director CHRISTOPHER GOULD tells us about this "intimate" show, which features themes of love and class prejudice (among others). Curtain goes up tomorrow night and stays there until December 15 at Columbia Entertainment Company. Additional guest: KATIE HAYS | Also, SHARON KINDEN wants to see everyone at 'Meet Me at the Manger' this Friday and Saturday at Campus Lutheran Church in Columbia! The items on display, while not for sale, will surely get you in the holiday spirit. (4:32) December 4, 2019

“One of the main themes I wanted to put into the show is…the struggle of not only women of color in the music industry, but also different sizes.” – ‘Dreamgirls’ director DAVID HALL on why this show (opening tomorrow at Columbia Entertainment Company) speaks so well to the idea of succeeding while being unique. Additional guest: KATIE HAYS | Also, Community Bail Fund is in need of…well, funds. PEGGY PLACIER tells us why it’s important that this non-profit continues its mission of helping those awaiting trial get out of jail. October 23, 2019

500 years ago, William Shakespeare was writing soap operas - one of which was 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Columbia Entertainment Company's CARA BROKES tells us that directing this centuries-old script is fun because of the freedom to interpret the words in whatever way imaginable. In this case: steampunk. Additional guest: KATIE HAYS | Also, ELISE BUCHHEIT invites everyone to the Office of Cultural Affairs' 2019 Celebration of the Arts fundraiser later this month! Money raised will help to sustain our city's vibrant arts culture. (4:04) August 1, 2019

Willkommen! Columbia Entertainment Company is kicking off its 40th year with "Cabaret" this September. KATIE HAYS tells us more about that and provides us with a brief overview of the rest of the 2018-2019 season! Also, if you're no longer using helpful household items like a walker, a cane or a shower chair, Services for Independent Living would be glad to take it and give it to someone in need. Guest: SCOUT MERRY (4:10) July 2, 2018

Columbia Entertainment Company's KATIE HAYS says "We Found Love and an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figures Aboard the SS Farndale Avenue" is about a community theatre troupe in England trying to put on a show, and - as you might expect - everything goes wrong. Plus, "mind and brain wellness" is the focus of this year's one-day CoMo Wellness Conference. ERIN BROWN tells us about the schedule, the sessions and the speakers! [4:28] April 3, 2018

Today Paul Pepper visits with KATIE HAYS about Columbia Entertainment Company's production of "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind." Watch eight actors take on 30 plays in 60 minutes starting this Thursday for two weekends! At [3:44] DR. MICHAEL GARDNER, MU Health Care, talks about all-things diabetes. Did you know that you can have diabetes and not know it? Learn about the signs, the symptoms and the treatments -- including the latest technology that uses pumps. November 27, 2017

Today Paul Pepper visits with SARA WHITING about a "big party" this Saturday to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rock Bridge State Park and the 100th anniversary of the Missouri State Park system. Did you know Lady Bird Johnson had a hand in making RBSP a reality? At [5:16] KATIE HAYS invites everyone to come see Columbia Entertainment Company's production of "12 Angry Jurors" (also know as the less-diverse, "12 Angry Men"). Find out why director Christopher Gould felt it was important for the change to be made so that the audience would be able to identify with someone on stage. October 30, 2017