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Ken Midkiff

There's a movement happening this year in which monuments to controversial figures are being removed or suppressed at the request of those it offends. Local columnist/activist/environmentalist KEN MIDKIFF tells us about another one that you may not know about: Sierra Club founder John Muir, who was a "absolute racist." September 4, 2020

Local columnist KEN MIDKIFF recently wrote an op-ed in the Columbia Missourian about a very timely topic: the removal of statues across the country. On today's show, we talk about Ken's article: what he learned while writing it and what he hopes will be people's takeaway after reading it. July 16, 2020

These days, recycling may seem like a no-brainer, yet KEN MIDKIFF tells us that statistics show only 17% of Columbians recycle - despite the supposed ease of operation (the blue bag). Find out why and how that number compares to the national average. March 23, 2020

"While a lot people think of socialism as controlling the production of goods, it goes well beyond that. When government makes a decision regarding our tax dollars, that's socialism." -- environmentalist KEN MIDKIFF on the reality of socialism in America January 9, 2020

Columnist/environmentalist KEN MIDKIFF says that research shows that in the span of just 20 years (1998-2018), the number of polluted streams/lakes/rivers in Missouri went from 115 to 471. Why the sharp increase? Ken says there are two reasons - one of which speaks to the improved efforts by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to analyze such data. October 7, 2019

Our conversation with environmentalist KEN MIDKIFF touches on climate change solutions like alternative energy (wind turbines, for example). July 25, 2019