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Midwest Special Needs Trust

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri executive director HEATHER LOCKARD estimates that there are currently 107 children waiting to be paired with a 'Big'. Volunteers decide how much they want to participate. She says, "it's not about creating something new...it's just about spending quality time with that 'Little'." Also, KATHY BIRKES tells us how Midwest Special Needs Trust can help someone with a disability protect any money for which they are a beneficiary of so that they don't lose the government services they need to live their day-to-day lives (like Medicaid). (3:37) December 19, 2019

Midwest Special Needs Trust executive director KATHY BIRKES introduces us to this 30 year-old non-profit that aims to ease the burden of financial planning on those with disabilities. Also, FARHAN SIDDIQ, MD, MU Health Care, tells us about brain aneurysms - the signs, the symptoms and the treatments. (3:32) July 24, 2019