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University of Missouri System officials say a new health institute focused on personalized medicine should bring hope to Missourians suffering from deadly diseases.

The official groundbreaking for the $220.8 million NextGen Precision Health Institute was held on Friday at the University of Missouri campus.

UM System President's Contract Extended Two More Years

Jul 27, 2018

  The contract for UM System President Mun Choi has been extended by two years, to 2024.

The UM System Board of Curators approved the extension at a meeting Friday in Springfield.

University of Missouri System President Mun Choi and University of Missouri’s Chancellor Alexander Cartwright heard from students, faculty and staff about the challenges of attracting and retaining top-tier professors Monday.

Choi said he believes financial recognition is extremely important for keeping faculty in the system.

“I’ve asked all of the chancellors from the four campuses, as well as the CFO’s to build into their budget this year a 2 percent performance increase pool,” he said.

The administrators also heard from attendees about tuition caps.

Columns at University of Missouri
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The University of Missouri System has a state economic impact of about $5.4 billion a year, according to a recent study.

The economic impact study was done by consulting firm Tripp Umbach. System administrators and Tripp officials presented the results to lawmakers on Tuesday, the Columbia Missourian reported.


Presidents from multiple universities testified Wednesday morning on behalf of a bill that would change how universities could charge tuition. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Caleb Rowden, R-Columbia, allows universities with an above average tuition rate in the state of Missouri, to raise tuition up to ten percent past the rate of inflation

It modifies the current law which currently caps the tuition rate, in most cases, at the rate of inflation. The bill also removes the appeal process universities must follow if they want to raise tuition past the cap. Now, with a cap of 10 percent past the inflation rate, universities no longer have to appeal to the state board of higher education, but cannot go past the cap. According to Rowden, the intended purpose of this bill is to provide an option for universities when they are facing budget cuts. 

The University of Missouri will reopen the three dorms closed last year for students, according to UM System President Mun Choi.

The University of Missouri closed Discover, Excellence and Respect Halls to students last fall and rented out rooms in the dorms to the public for $120 per night. MU did this to compensate for the about $60 million in budget cuts for the 2018 fiscal year.

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Administrators at the University of Missouri held two town forums on Sept. 12 and 13 to discuss the results of the Campus Climate Survey conducted in 2016. They say the survey reflects room for improvement.

The survey, conducted by the independent agency Rankin & Associates, included responses from nearly 10,000 MU students, faculty and staff. It shows that high percentages of students, faculty and staff at MU have “seriously considered leaving” the university, with more than 40 percent of students considering it in their first and second years each. 

UM System President Mun Choi says the survey shows that the reasons for this are mostly interactions or experiences with peer groups and coworkers. 

UM Strategic Communications Workers Laid Off

Jun 1, 2017
University of Connecticut


The UM System began a round of administrative layoffs in its University Relations Office on Wednesday, according to reporting by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Kelly Wiemann, assistant director of strategic communications, declined Thursday afternoon to confirm the layoffs, saying she couldn't comment on personnel matters.

There are a lot of fluid decisions happening, Wiemann said, adding that nothing has been legally finalized.

Missouri School of Journalism

  When I told my long-suffering wife I intended to write about Wednesday’s announcement of our university’s new chancellor, she replied with some asperity that she could predict what I would say.

“You’re always optimistic about the new people,” she said, noting that I’ve sometimes had cause to regret those first impressions.

Well, here we go again.

How could I not be optimistic? President Mun Choi, about whom I remain optimistic, was close to giddy as he introduced Alexander Cartwright. The standing-room-only welcoming crowd in the Alumni Center was buoyant. The sun was shining.

In the press conference that followed the opening ceremony, Rudi Keller of the Columbia Daily Tribune seriously asked the question I had posed half-jokingly to Mike Alden earlier as we walked into the building: Why would Dr. Cartwright, or anybody, want the job?..


Read the complete column at the Missourian.

MU Staff Members Question Administrators About Potential Layoffs

Apr 19, 2017
Columns at University of Missouri
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Worries about potential staff layoffs at MU were not assuaged Tuesday after an open forum allowed staff to ask questions to university administrators. 

About 100 people attended the forum, which was hosted by the MU Staff Advisory Council, an organization that acts as a liaison between staff and administration on campus. Staff members were invited to submit questions beforehand, which were presented to a panel of administrators along with questions from the attendees.

The University of Missouri's interim chancellor says he'll be leaving for new work as president at the New York Institute of Technology after May 3.  

Missouri S&T seal
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The University of Missouri system announced Missouri S&T Chancellor Cheryl Schrader will be the new president of Wright State University, a university located in Dayton, OH.

Schrader will be leaving S&T after five years in her position.

Mun Choi Begins Work as UM System's 24th President

Mar 2, 2017
University of Missouri System / Flickr

The first Asian-American and 24th president of the University of Missouri System began work on Wednesday.

Mun Choi’s appointment is a departure from previous appointments of presidents with primarily business backgrounds.

Former University of Missouri Curator David Wasinger says Choi’s academic knowledge, amongst other requirements, is one of many vital presidential skills.

“Certainly academia is a very important quality for a university president to the extent he has experienced or knowledge of academia, I think it adds to his talent level,” he said.

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The University of Missouri System is beginning a nationwide search to name the next permanent Chancellor of the University of Missouri campus in Columbia.

Hank Foley has been serving in the role of Interim Chancellor since the resignation of former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin in November 2015. Foley issued this statement Monday, indicating he will apply to the position in an effort to drop the “interim” title:

The University Of Missouri System Board Of Curators, along with the campus chancellors and other board members, gathered Wednesday to announce the newly selected university system president – Dr. Mun Choi.

Choi comes from the University of Connecticut where he has served as the provost and executive vice president of the university since 2012. Choi said his career as an academic brings a new perspective to the position of system president. The system’s last two presidents had business backgrounds when they were hired.