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Say cheese! That’s what Columbia-based Nanova Biomaterials Incorporated is doing after the Food and Drug Administration approved their first product, a dental varnish, in October. Missouri Business Alert’s Kaitlin Rounds and Yizhu Wang report on the company and its plans for growth.   

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When fresh water animals, such as worms and mussels, were exposed to water loaded with carbon nanotubes, their health suffered, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. In fact, the bottom-dwelling critters didn’t grow as quickly and they didn’t survive as long as their counterparts living in cleaner water.

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In this edition of Under the Microscope: the future of nanotechnology ... and political maneuvers mess with Missouri's efforts for a state health insurance exchange. Featuring reporting by St. Louis Public Radio's Veronique LaCapra and KCUR's Elana Gordon.

This week: a discussion on the possible academic impact of athletic conference realignment. Plus, MU signs an agreement with a University in India to work with nanomedicine and nanotechnology.