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Founded in Chicago in 2001, Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB) provides a safe space a for young voices to "unpack what's going on in their world" by way of expressive arts. In 2018, Louder Than a Bomb Mid-Missouri became the 20th chapter in this ever-growing youth enterprise! Guests: JOSH RUNNELS and T'KEYAH THOMAS | Also, OsteoStrong's DAYNA GLANZ explains why an isometric computerized robotic machine may be the answer to how to build your skeletal strength. (4:50) March 30, 2020

Never heard of Wolff's Law? It's the result of a post-mortem bone density test conducted back in 1892. Methods for determining your bone health have come a long way since then (now it can be done while you're living!), and OsteoStrong Columbia owner DAYNA GLANZ is here to tell us all about it. Also, if you enjoy TED Talks but wish you had a group in which to discuss the topic, the spring session at Osher@Mizzou has got you covered! Classes begin soon. GUESTS: JEANNE DZURICK and GLORIA CRULL (4:37) February 28, 2020

There are roughly 9 million people in the U.S. affected by osteoporosis, some as young as 12. If you find yourself diagnosed (by your physician), OsteoStrong Corporate Lake owner DAYNA GLANZ says she can help with the next step(s)! Also, WALLY PFEFFER invites everyone to the 18th annual Boone County Legislative Forum next Thursday in Columbia. Wally says this is your chance to visit with local delegation working in Jefferson City! (4:06) January 15, 2020