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On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Rene Powell is walking towards a tiny wooden bench, to take a seat outside her new home. She says she remembers the feeling she first had a year ago that the pandemic was going to be a long haul.

“I knew it just because, you know, my long-term experience, like, I just had a familiarity with it that not everyone has,” Powell said. “An intimacy almost.

International Day of People with Disabilities - A Day for Learning and Empathy

Dec 8, 2020

Disability Services Organizations Brace for Cuts

Feb 14, 2017
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Organizations that provide services to people with disabilities are bracing themselves for funding cuts under Gov. Eric Greiten’s proposed state budget.

A spokesman for Gov. Greitens recently said the budget would save $52 million by raising eligibility requirements for seniors and disabled people in in-home or nursing home care programs.

Cathy Brown is the director of Public Policy and Advocacy at ParaQuad, a non-profit agency that helps people with disabilities live independently through the Medicaid-funded Consumer Directed Services program.

A fundraising group in Columbia is accepting donations to fund improvements at Stephens Lake Park in honor of a deceased local activist. Friends and relatives of Christy Welliver have started the Welliver memorial project with the goal of enhancing the park's main entrance.

Welliver was an advocate for people with disabilities until her death in 2011. The group’s spokesperson Chip Cooper said Welliver deserves such recognition, and Stephens Lake Park is an ideal place to praise her work.

Power Up conference explores technology for people with disabilities

Apr 16, 2013
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New technology that can assist the disabled is rapidly developing, and a conference in Columbia this week is putting a spotlight on that technology. 

About 500 people, including educators and disability advocates are gathered at this week’s Power Up 2013 Conference and Expo to explore how technology can help in the everyday lives of the disabled.  The conference, taking place at Columbia’s Holiday Inn Executive Center, features 62 different presentations about devices to help people with a range of disabilities. 

Boone County organizations work to keep tax break

Apr 8, 2013
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The Missouri State Senate has passed legislation that would eliminate tax breaks for low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities living in rental properties. According to Jessica Macy, the executive director of the Boone County Council on Aging, this tax break allows seniors to pay their bills and improve their quality of life.

“This is really money that really helps offset their everyday living expenses,” Macy said.

Macy said the tax break allows seniors to support local businesses by using their money to purchase necessities, such as groceries and prescriptions.