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Perlman-Stoy Ballet School

Perlman-Stoy Ballet's annual spring recital is shaping up to be a memorable weekend, that's according to guest NANCY STOY. Aside from welcoming two special guests, she says this performance will also include the youngest dancers ever to take the stage! Also, Carpet One Floor and Home's SCOTT BRADLEY introduces us to eco-friendly cleaners. "You've got to have something to clean all of our eco-friendly flooring!" (5:11) May 9, 2019

NANCY STOY introduces us the Perlman-Stoy School of Ballet, a Columbia institution for more than 80 years. Mark your calendar for their annual spring concert next May! Also, CB CHASTAIN, MU Veterinary Health Center, has some advice for keeping your pet safe this holiday season. He starts by saying that there are so many "hazards" he had to make a list! (4:10) December 14, 2018