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"You have to go and recharge yourself, too." -- GREG CARBINS, family counselor at Phoenix Programs, on caring for those who are caring for someone in recovery. You are not alone! Also, MARILYN McLEOD invites everyone to a screening of 'One Woman, One Vote', a film about women's suffrage sponsored by the League of Women Voters. (4:27) June 28, 2019

Phoenix Programs board president GREG DeLINE's passion for helping those with addiction issues stems from an unfortunate, alcohol-related car accident that took the life of his stepson. Hear his story. Also, Spirit of Excellence co-founder TAYLORE JOHNSON tells us about this almost-decade old non-profit that teaches young ladies not only how to dance and cheer, but core values like teamwork and leadership. (5:17) April 11, 2019

HEATHER HARLAN, prevention specialist at Phoenix Programs, shares three pointers that we can all use to change our behavior - whether we have a substance use issue or not! Also, LESLIE CLAY invites anyone interested in becoming an english tutor with Literacy Action Corps to attend a three-week training session next month in Columbia. (4:09) January 7, 2019

Why are cigarettes so addictive? HEATHER HARLAN says it's because the nicotine goes in and out of your system so quickly that people begin craving it again which, in turn, creates the feeling of withdrawal which, in turn, leads to another cigarette. She adds that "quitting tobacco is a major lifestyle change," and that Phoenix Programs is here to help...slowly. November 2, 2018