Missouri levee
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It's been four years since tiny Pinhook was swamped, along with 130,000 acres in southeast Missouri, when the government blasted three holes in a Mississippi River levee. 

Credit Tamara Zellars Buck / KRCUUnion Baptist Church as it stands today in Pinhook, Mo.Edit | Remove

In the countryside, there are fewer people – and some prefer it that way, especially thieves. The National Insurance Crime Bureau says that metal thefts have increased by 36 percent since 2010 – and that leaves farm equipment and machinery as easy pickings. Reporting for Harvest Public Media, Payne Roberts has the story.

Displaced Pinhook residents look for new home

Jul 17, 2013
Tamara Zellars Buck / KRCU

Drive along southeast Missouri’s Highway VV in Mississippi County, and you will primarily see vibrant green fields littered with farm equipment and the occasional farmer working the land.

The burned out remains of what was once a church stands sentry alongside the highway, just outside of what at first glance appears to be an ordinary rural community.

But, something seems out of place.