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Quin Gresham

The Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre is keeping the 'A Christmas Carol' tradition going by opening this holiday standard once again December 12. Even after six years, artistic director QUIN GRESHAM says each year is different than the last; he says this year expect some new supernatural effects! Additional guest: AMY WILDER | Also, Voluntary Action Center executive director NICK FOSTER is still in need of help from the community. 952 households will receive services this year, but technically not all of those families are sponsored at this time (yes, even at this late date). If you're interested in adopting a family this Christmas, call or log on today! (3:10) December 5, 2019


In two weeks, the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre kicks off its 57th season. The theatre's Artistic Director Quin Gresham previewed the upcoming season with Darren Hellwege. Also on the show, we look ahead to a Memorial Day event that finds famous, late Columbians being re-enacted at their gravesites.

Churchill Clark

On a recent episode of Thinking Out Loud, KBIA's Trevor Harris featured a preview of the upcoming Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre season and this weekend's canoe camp at Cooper's Landing.