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Thankfully, "Sweeney Todd" actors DANE JOHNSON and AUBREY HICKS are nothing like their turning-people-into-meatpies characters, but they'll have you thinking they are when the "fun" begins this Friday at Talking Horse Productions in Columbia! Also, AMY HAWKINS, RN, tells us about tomorrow evening's 'Artful Bra' silent auction and reception fundraiser for Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. (4:10) October 10, 2018

Let your children's imagination run wild with a little help from local comedy troupe The Stable Boys this Saturday at Orr Street Studios in Columbia! It's all part of 'Second Saturday for Kids', and the theme this month is "Unscripted Improvisational Arts." Guests: CATHERINE PARKE and KATHLEEN JOHNSON | Also, KRISTEN EIFFERT, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, invites parents with young children to a Halloween-themed 'Families in the Kitchen' next Saturday at the Columbia Public Library. Space is limited! (4:42) October 9, 2018

Everyone is 'willkommen' in Shikles Auditorium, home to Capital City Productions' 'Cabaret' beginning this Thursday in Jefferson City! Meet the actress playing 'Sally Bowles', MARGARET GRAHAM, as well as director ROB CROUSE. Also, CHASE HARPER, MU Health Care, tells us about this Friday's Mature Living Festival at the Parkade Center in Columbia. Flu shots, health screenings and assisted living resources are just a few of the offerings for adults and senior citizens alike! (5:00) October 8, 2018

MARY ELLEN LOHMANN is back with more information about next Saturday's Center for Missouri Studies Fall Lecture series, this month featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning author Caroline Fraser! She's written a book about Laura Ingalls Wilder, and if you're a fan of Wilder, you'll enjoy our conversation here, as well as the event October 13th! Additional guest: SEAN ROST | Also, JAN MARTIN and LAURA DeVENNEY tell us about Mid-Missouri Quilts of Valor, a non-profit organization that awards locally-made "quilts of comfort" to veterans. (5:04) October 5, 2018

October is a busy month for the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. From conversations about the "demand" to stories from survivors, NANETTE WARD encourages everyone to find the time to come to an event that's guaranteed to open your eyes to this very real, very relevant topic. October 4, 2018

"'Songs for a New World' is about people that are about to face a new adventure in their life. They're in a moment of decision, and they have to figure out which way to go." -- JOY POWELL, MU Theatre Department. So which way do they go? Joy adds, "lots of different ways!" Also, Pastor RICK MATSON invites everyone to explore the "beautiful grounds" of the Prairie Chapel United Methodist Church during a free afternoon picnic this Sunday! (4:45) October 3, 2018

In 1987, Congress passed the Patient's Bill of Rights to protect residents of long-term care. Since then, October has been set aside to recognize and raise awareness of those rights. ANN BICKEL, Missouri Coalition for Quality Care, shares tips on how families of those in long-term care facilities can get a "clear picture of what's going on in the nursing home." Also, BETH HENDREN invites everyone to take part in the 2018 Out of the Darkness Walk this Sunday in Columbia to help raise awareness of suicide prevention. (4:41) October 2, 2018

Could a coyote have taken someone's cat? MU Veterinary Health Center's CB CHASTAIN says yes. If you're concerned for your pet's safety, check out some of CB's tips during our short interview! Also, meet RUBY BAILEY. She's the newly-appointed executive editor of the Columbia Missourian. Hear what she has to say about the state of the industry and why she loves community journalism. (4:25) October 1, 2018

Folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA perform "The Waters of Tyne" (3:32) on guitar and mandolin. September 28, 2018

"'Participate in Discovery' is an opportunity for individuals who live in the state of Missouri to identify themselves as being interested in being contacted to participate in research studies at the University of Missouri." -- SARA GABLE, University of Missouri School of Medicine | Also, LORETTA SCHOUTEN tells us that after 14 years, Youth Empowerment Zone is now CoMo Youth Works. Why the change? Loretta says a decision was made to refocus heavily on the mission of job readiness. (4:33) September 27, 2018

JOAN STACK takes us inside the mind of a portrait artist who's works stands five or six feet tall. What are the challenges? What comes easy? Why are the subjects never smiling? And where can you visit artwork that large? (Actually, that last one's pretty easy to answer: The State Historical Society of Missouri.) September 26, 2018

"People say after the summer, 'oh, you must not be doing anything or whatever', but between the summer and the fall, for us, is really, really busy." -- TODD DAVISON, Artistic Director of Maples Repertory Theatre. The final crop of shows for 2018 include: 'On Golden Pond', 'Dearly Departed', the return of the 'Church Basement Ladies', plus a special fundraiser at The Pear Tree! September 25, 2018

"Equal Justice Under the Law?" That's the name of the next public forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters in honor of Constitution Day. Two representatives from the Missouri State Public Defender System will be at the Columbia Public Library on October 8th to share insight and answer questions. Guest: MAHREE SKALA | Also, SCOTT BRADLEY, Carpet One Floor and Home, introduces us to more eco-friendly hardwood flooring. Today's example contains a finish made from soybean oil. (3:37) September 24, 2018

Taking a vacation this year? Don't book your flight (or your cruise) through one of those third-party websites you see advertised on TV all the time; instead, MEL ZELENAK wants you to use one of these three carefully-chosen websites designed to save you time and money! September 20, 2018

"If you constantly think negatively, things are going to be negative in your life." -- DR. DAVID NEWMAN, RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, Inc., who goes on to share how we can make positive thinking less of a chore and more of a daily affirmation. September 19, 2018

If you're watching this and it's after 8:30 in the morning, you're already late to an "awesome" event happening right now at Courtyard Columbia, hosted by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Columbia Water and Light and Missouri Division of Energy. (The good thing is, you can walk in late!) From the eventbrite website: Learn how the value of energy efficiency is affecting property buyers/sellers, real estate agents, appraisers, mortgage bankers and energy contractors. Guest: BARBARA BUFFALOE | September 18, 2018

"I used to think that, and then I came to realize that all of us are composites of characteristics and I do not know that blindness hasn't given me some significant opportunity that I wouldn't have gotten." -- GARY WUNDER, blind since birth, when asked if he thinks his life would have been better had sight played even a small role in his existence. September 17, 2018

Renowned local pianists SUTU FORTE and MICHAEL BUTTERWORTH are teaming up for an afternoon (and an evening!) of piano performances at the end of the month in Columbia. In case you can't wait that long, on today's show they play a little Beethoven (2:21) and a little Tchaikovsky (5:18). September 14, 2018

"If you can walk, you can dance." -- MOLLY WHITE, Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers. If you've been looking for an outlet to express your inner Gene Kelly, MMTD hopes to see you at their fall season kick-off event next Friday evening at Cosmo Park in Columbia! Also, RYAN KENNEDY is back to talk about the cat cafe craze, which has finally reached Columbia thanks to Ryan's own Papa's Cat Cafe. (4:06) September 13, 2018

Make plans to attend the annual Art on the Bricks festival next weekend in Fulton, Missouri. Plenty of music, food and art are the reasons why BETH SNYDER says it will be two days of fun for the whole family! September 12, 2018

"The stories that prompted her to tell those stories, and the family background that went into them, is what this lady addresses and it's fascinating. The story behind the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder is at least as interesting as it is in her books." -- BOB PRIDDY, on Pulitzer Prize winning author Caroline Fraser's book about the acclaimed Missouri native. Caroline will be the featured speaker at next month's Center for Missouri Studies Fall Lecture. Additional guest: MARY ELLEN LOHMANN | Also, DR. SYED SHAH, MU Health Care, answers our questions about Parkinson's Disease: what causes it, what are the early warning signs and what can be done to treat the symptoms. Want to know more? The annual Parkinson's Disease Patient and Caregiver Conference is this Saturday in Columbia! (4:28) September 11, 2018

You hear it all the time, but there really is something for everyone during the 2018-2019 University Concert Series season, beginning next month in Columbia. Whether you're in Jesse Auditorium or the Missouri Theatre, guest ROBERT WELLS guarantees "outstanding" performances all year long. Also, NICK FOSTER tells us about Voluntary Action Center's 'Warm Up Columbia' program, which is now accepting donations! (3:43) September 10, 2018

DENNY BOND, WALLY PFEFFER and the entire Boone County Chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association is taking over the Holiday Inn Executive Center Sports Zone and Bar every Saturday that the Missouri Tiger football team has an away game - and you're invited! You're also invited to tonight's First Friday event in downtown Columbia. This is a great excuse to gather the family up and visit the many shops and galleries in the North Village Arts District! Guest: HANNAH REEVES (4:51) September 7, 2018

"It's about living your life." That's how 'Morrie' actor Aaron Krawitz describes "Tuesdays with Morrie," opening tonight at Talking Horse Productions in the North Village Arts District. Co-director MICHELE CURRY says, "you don't want it to end." Also, NANETTE WARD invites everyone to tonight's Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition meeting at Parkade Center in Columbia. Hear from a PhD candidate at Mizzou who's researching slavery throughout the centuries. (4:52) September 6, 2018

You don't have to be a member to attend the Missouri Mycological Society's next meeting featuring world-renowned mushroom photographer Taylor Lockwood. Guest: STAN HUDSON | Also, DAVE LINEBERRY invites everyone down to Cooper's Landing this weekend for MoRivCC's 13th annual EcoArt Fest fundraiser. Come for the river excursions, stay for the live music! (3:45) September 5, 2018

Did you know that the entire Mizzou campus is actually a botanic garden? See it for yourself, along with four special guests from the University of Georgia, on September 23rd during a symposium titled "Georgia Champions of Landscape Gardening and their Published Passions for Plants." Guest: PETE MILLIER | Also, this is a big week for our local United Way because Saturday marks the beginning of the 2018 Campaign Kickoff and Day of Caring. ANDREW GRABAU says this campaign is raising funds to help support 54 local non-profit agencies. (3:58) September 4, 2018

"This is a ballad, and it's appropriate to Labor Day. It's a classic ballad about human beings versus machine power. And the origins of the song go back to the 1870s (post-Civil War reconstruction period), but I think it's a song about today, given that often the economic struggles we have is between whether a machine or computer should do it, or a human being." -- Larry Brown on 'The Ballad of John Henry', which he performs at 1:38. September 3, 2018

MARIA TREVOR takes us into the weekend with more of her beautiful harp music. She performs three times: 2:25, 4:10 and 7:46. See Maria in-person during 'Harp and Healing' on the first Tuesday of every month at Broadway Christian Church in Columbia. August 31, 2018

The Boone County Hams lend their a cappella vocal stylings to the Disney classic, "A Whole New World," (1:50) and "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles. (5:35) August 30, 2018

If you own rental property in Columbia (and apparently that's like, half of you), you're eligible for rebates and cost-share programs provided by and/or sponsored by the City of Columbia's Office of Sustainability. BARBARA BUFFALOE tells us how investing in the energy efficiency of your property now will pay for itself in the years to come. August 29, 2018