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"The difference is, those homes that we're building in town...typically cost $150K/$175K to build, but wages haven't kept up with the rising cost of housing in our community or nationwide, so we sell those houses around $100K to a family that might make $35K gross annual income." -- RANDY COLE on how the Columbia Community Land Trust reinvests in property for the benefit of others. Also, MARILYN McLEOD encourages everyone to clear their calendars because the League of Women Voters is celebrating 100 years of the 19th amendment with "lots of events over the next year." (3:23) August 7, 2019

"So, we've been doing this type of activity for many years, but what we've known is, once we've made that initial investment, the first buyer will sell, and then that home is no longer affordable or it potentially turns into a rental unit. So, what the Community Land Trust is, it's a new initiative to protect all of the city's investments in affordable housing going forward." -- Randy Cole, Housing Supervisor, Columbia Community Land Trust  January 15, 2019


Columbia city officials launched an online survey to assess residents' priorities regarding city projects for the next fiscal year.

According to the city’s website, it expects to receive federal funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development with a total of over $1 million.

Housing Programs Supervisor Randy Cole said the funds will go toward a variety of community activities to help provide economic opportunities, stabilize neighborhoods and assist with affordable housing.

Columbia City Hall
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For the past two years, housing rehabilitation projects in Columbia have been decreasing.