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Rob Crouse

Both weekends of Capital City Productions' performance of 'Elf: The Musical' sold out in no time according to today's guest, ROB CROUSE. As a result, they've added a third weekend! Don't wait to get your tickets. Also, OsteoStrong Columbia owner DAYNA GLANZ tells us how better bone health can help those with Type 2 diabetes. (4:19) November 16, 2020

Registered dietitian GINGER MEYER shares tips on how to keep the weight off after you lose it. She says, "maintaining regular physical activity is key." Also, ROB CROUSE tells us about Capital City Productions' next show, 'Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical'. He describes it as "a chilling, thrilling, romantic musical!" (4:37) October 7, 2020

If you've always wanted to see "Will Shakespeare" treated like a rock star, but you never thought it was possible, Capital City Productions has got you covered! ROB CROUSE tells us about 'Something Rotten', a musical farce set in 16th century England that opens tonight! Also, dietitian KRISTEN EIFFERT says we need to "think outside the box" when it comes to family meal time. Schedules don't always permit a dinnertime gathering, so she suggests getting together at breakfast or even snack time! (3:56) July 9, 2020

The star of 'Dixie's Tupperware Party' may be a fictional character, but at one time she was the number one Tupperware salesperson - in real life! ROB CROUSE tells us about this hysterical one-woman show that's sure to delight everyone but the kids. Also, if you're not familiar with the mission of Boone County Animal Care, volunteers PEGGY GRAY and DIANN STELZER say it's all about taking care of the animals. Diann says while monetary donations are nice, they're really in need of more foster families. (3:45) March 5, 2020

The purpose of Missouri Long-Term Care Ombudsman is threefold: advocate - educate - empower. KAYLA CURRY and JENNY HOLLANDSWORTH say the need for oversight into patients' rights comes daily; find out about their annual advocacy day coming up in March in Jefferson City. Also, ROB CROUSE is excited because Capital City Productions is getting a new home! He says, "all the challenges we had in our old building...will be solved." The first production is a fundraiser, and it opens next week! (3:43) January 29, 2020

Did you know that Missouri ranks among the top 10 states in terms of lung cancer cases diagnosed each year? Why? DR. JUSSUF KAIFI, MU Health Care, says because of Missouri's high smoking rate (we're ranked there, too). Early screening is key to survival! Also, ROB CROUSE invites everyone to see 'Plaid Tidings' at Capital City Productions in Jefferson City. "Family fun for everybody!" (4:51) November 26, 2019

Capital City Productions' "Mamma Mia!" has proven to be so popular - before it even opens! - that four additional performances have been added to the schedule. ROB CROUSE tells us why these encore shows come at a lower ticket price. Also, BOB HOHENSTEIN invites everyone to take part in The District's 'Summer Restaurant Week' June 9-15. He says, so far, 35 restaurants are on board to "stamp your passport!" (4:45) June 4, 2019

"You have to have a resurrection, Paul." -- ROB CROUSE when asked why Capital City Productions is bringing Vertigo Flying Service on board for their take on Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. Curtain goes up March 28! Also, this Saturday is the 67th annual Columbia Kiwanis Club Pancake Day fundraiser! Guests RICK McGUIRE and JENNIFER ROBERTS say each ticket sold supports programs that benefit children in Columbia. (5:07) March 21, 2019

Everyone is 'willkommen' in Shikles Auditorium, home to Capital City Productions' 'Cabaret' beginning this Thursday in Jefferson City! Meet the actress playing 'Sally Bowles', MARGARET GRAHAM, as well as director ROB CROUSE. Also, CHASE HARPER, MU Health Care, tells us about this Friday's Mature Living Festival at the Parkade Center in Columbia. Flu shots, health screenings and assisted living resources are just a few of the offerings for adults and senior citizens alike! (5:00) October 8, 2018

Director ROB CROUSE says that this will be the Central Missouri premiere of Disney's Tony award-winning musical "Newsies." ALEX ARMSTRONG plays Jack, the leader of the on-strike newsies who are preparing to go toe-to-toe with "the rich and powerful men who own New York City." | Also, NICK FOSTER is looking for donations to help keep low-income families and individuals cool this summer through Voluntary Action Center's fan program. Find out how you can get involved! (5:38) June 11, 2018

Today Paul Pepper visits with ROB CROUSE about Capital City Productions' latest show, "Ghost the Musical." If you know and love the movie, the stage adaptation stays true to the story - with just a tad more singing and dancing. Rob introduces us to the cast, and shares some behind-the-scenes secrets on how they pull off the special effects - watch! At [4:56] CB CHASTAIN, University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center, talks about the benefits and the dangers of giving your dog rawhide bones. Among many shared tips, CB says to avoid the kind with knots on the end: "they're not as safe." Watch for more! August 10, 2016