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REAL ID Sits in Missouri Senate

Feb 28, 2017
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In 2018, Missourians may have a harder time boarding flights and entering federal buildings using their driver’s license.

Missouri is one of five states that does not comply with REAL ID, the 2005 federal law that requires states to administer stricter standards for distributing state identification like driver’s licenses.

Missouri Republican representatives and senators have only one major hurdle remaining to implement mandatory voter identification statewide.  That hurdle is the very voters they’re looking to legislate.

Amendment Six will appear as a ballot measure this November. The amendment will enshrine in the Missouri constitution a requirement that all voters present valid photo identification. It will be the final step in mandatory voter identification legislation that successfully overrode Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto on September 14.

The Missouri Right to Vote Campaign has organized with the goal of encouraging voters to fail the amendment on the November ballot.

Laura Swinford, executive director for Progress Missouri, is involved with the coalition. She said that previous voter identification legislation has been struck down as unconstitutional due to Missouri’s constitutionally high bar for voter rights.

“So what proponents have figured out to do this year is to put an amendment on the ballot that would strip that protection out of our state constitution,” Swinford said.

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  A Missouri measure set to take effect this year will ensure restaurant owners are responsible only for collecting income taxes on cash tips workers report to them.

Lawmakers Send Fewer Tax Changes to Nixon

May 20, 2015
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  The Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature has sent several small tweaks to the state's tax code to Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon this session.

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Today the Missouri Senate voted 26-8 in favor of legislation that would prevent changes to ballot measures within about two months of an election.

Current law allows measures to be finalized anytime within 180 days of an election. Republican Senator Will Kraus of Lee's Summit, is sponsoring the bill and says it’s aimed at saving the state money for reprinting ballots if there are changes close to an election.

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Missouri tax officials are getting audited. 

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  Missouri lawmakers have given final approval to legislation that could make it harder for people to collect unemployment benefits after being fired for repeated absences or other alleged misconduct.

The House passed the bill Tuesday by a 107-45 vote. Because it already had cleared the Senate, the measure now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon.