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In order to keep stormwater in mid-Missouri as environmentally-friendly as possible, GINNY and KATE TRAUTH tell us about their plan to send water collected (on surfaces like a parking lot) below ground and into earth's natural filtration system, thus avoiding pollutants and pesticides. Also, BETH SNYDER encourages everyone to make the short drive to Fulton to experience - among other places - The Art House, located on Court Street in the historic Brick District! (4:33) August 13, 2019

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A proposed half-cent sales tax in Fulton could create funding for improvements to city stormwater management and the parks and recreation department, supporters say.

The tax comes in the wake of a Department of Natural Resources audit last June that determined Fulton was not compliant with its stormwater management permit. The DNR focused on pollution and flood control in the city as problem areas for the city.


The City of Columbia’s Stormwater Utility reported challenges keeping up with its work at the Mayor’s Task Force on Infrastructure meeting Tuesday.

During her presentation for the task force, civil engineer Erin Keys said the crew’s biggest challenge is not having enough resources to replace or maintain failing infrastructure.

The crew maintains stormwater infrastructure, which includes 160 miles of pipes stretching from Columbia to Springfield, Missouri.