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Tasting Mindfulness

If you are engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors, your weight doesn't matter. That's the essence of health psychologist LYNN ROSSY's new mantra: healthy is better than thin. Watch for details on her next 'Mindful Eating' class, coming this September to a Zoom near you! July 12, 2019

Health psychologist LYNN ROSSY says, "you can't take 8-10 hours of your day and not be healthy and expect to make up for it after you leave." If you've got a job that requires you to remain at a desk, Lynn has some simple tips and tricks to keep your blood circulating! April 10, 2019

You may think you know chocolate, but not like this. LYNN ROSSY, director of Tasting Mindfulness, joins us with two chocolate bars and tips on how we should be eating them (and everything, really). She's doing a workshop, 'The Joy of Mindful Eating', later this month at alleyCat Yoga in Columbia - watch for details! January 1, 2019