true false 2018

T/F film festival

This story is part of True/False Conversations, a series of in-depth interviews with the filmmakers of this year's True/False Film Fest.


“Of Fathers and Sons” explore the love two sons have for their father, a Jihadist fighter.

To make this film, Syrian director Talal Derki posed as a war photographer sympathetic to jihadists and their ideology. The result is a documentary about family, innocence, war and radicalization.


The 2018 True/False Film Fest kicks off this week in Columbia. And while it is a documentary film festival at its heart, there are whole portions of the event dedicated to art, education and music. Dozens of bands descend on Columbia to perform before films and at showcases at local venues.

KBIA reporter and podcast host Daniel Litwin sat down with festival music coordinator Wil Reeves for a special episode of  The Breakdown. They talked about what the festival team is looking for when curating the lineup, the challenges of bringing musical acts to a film festival and which performers attendees should check out.