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  Is any publicity good publicity for Donald Trump?  He’s certainly testing that proposition with his attack on John McCain’s war record.  And some say the media are depriving more serious presidential contenders of oxygen by focusing so much on the real estate mogul and reality TV star.  Amateur drones are getting in the way of California firefighters.  The publisher of the celebrity gossip site Gawker pulls a salacious story, prompting two of his editors to quit.  Critics accuse journalists of being too quick to blame sexism for the resignation of Reddit’s CEO.  And Harper Lee’s new novel raises some difficult questions for reviewers.  It’s Views of the News with Missouri School of Journalism professors Mike McKean, Lynda Kraxberger and Jamie Grey.

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Donald Trump's rise in the polls angers veterans and gives GOP presidential opponents an opening in Iowa.  Have the news media given the real estate mogul too much oxygen?  We'll also look at dangerous drones, a scandal at Gawker (go figure), Ellen Pao's exit from Reddit and the bigger picture behind reaction to Harper Lee's new novel.

Media to Blame for Trump’s Rise?