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Wendy Noren began her career as Boone County Clerk in 1978. In June of 2017, she retired due to health complications with cancer. She died Sunday at 63.

Current Boone County Clerk and Noren's successor Taylor Burks says Noren was helpful when he first started in the position.

“For about five months, we scheduled times to meet and talk about pending issues,” he says. Burks characterized her as a force of nature saying many government officials would ask for her insight on election programs.

Burks Appointed Boone County Clerk

Jul 31, 2017
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Taylor Burks was scheduled to be sworn in as the new Boone County Clerk at 3 p.m. Monday in a ceremony at the Boone County Courthouse. 

Gov. Eric Greitens announced Burks' appointment earlier Monday afternoon, according to a news release from the governor’s office. The appointment followed the June resignation of Wendy Noren, who served as clerk for 35 years.

GEORGE KENNEDY: New ID Law Seems to be a Benefit to Voters

Jul 14, 2017
Missouri School of Journalism

 I voted against the constitutional amendment that passed last year requiring a valid photo ID for voting in Missouri elections, beginning with the local election Aug. 8.

Like many of you, I suspect, I thought the requirement, heavily promoted by Republicans, was really intended more to discourage voting by minorities, poor people and new citizens — groups more likely to be Democrats — than it was to prevent the rare cases of voter fraud.

So when I saw the notice of a forum on the topic to be held at the public library last Monday night, and when I read that the forum was sponsored by two Democratic state representatives and co-sponsored by three African-American organizations, I expected to hear a full-throated attack on yet another voter-suppression tactic.

I was wrong.

Commentary: Wendy Noren Did Her Job the Right Way

Jun 20, 2017

In the last six months Boone County has seen two exemplary public servants step down.  In January Karen Miller left the Southern District County Commission seat she had held for 24 years.  Last week Wendy Noren resigned from her position as Boone County Clerk after 35 years.

After 35 Years, Wendy Noren Resigns as Boone County Clerk

Jun 16, 2017

Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren resigned the position she has held for 35 years on Thursday.

Noren cited deteriorating health in a news release announcing that she had submitted her resignation to Gov. Eric Greitens. Her last day on the job will be June 23.

"It was by far the hardest task I have ever had to do in all my years as County Clerk," Noren said in the release.

Noren, who has been fighting cancer, said her health has declined rapidly in recent weeks and that no treatment options are available.

A group that presses single women, minorities and millennials to register to vote is apologizing for sending 95,000 mailings listing the wrong Missouri registration deadline.

Casting itself as nonpartisan, the Washington-based Voter Participation Center says the registration forms this month listed Missouri's voter-registration cutoff for the Nov. 8 election as Oct. 17. It's actually Oct. 12, and the center says it has sent out new postcards reflecting that.

sewer materials
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Voter turnout in Columbia was low today as residents decide on a $32.3 million bond measure for the city’s sewer system.

Around noon, only about 2,400 people had voted.  Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren said she isn’t quite sure why there has been such the low turnout.

The proposal comes because the city’s need for major sewer improvements. With the bond the city would be able to complete major maintenance on the existing sewer system due to rainwater getting in the system and old pipes.

vote here sign
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Boone County is collaborating with MU and the Secretary of State to develop new voting system technologies for military and overseas voters.