Alden dispels rumors surrounding his resignation at press conference

Jan 30, 2015


Mike Alden with Marcus Denmon and Kim English
Credit KBIA

  Mike Alden addressed the media Friday, following his announcement that he would be stepping down as the University of Missouri’s Athletic Director after 17 years.

The question on everyone’s mind was why Alden, who has been credited with transforming the MU athletic program, would decide to step down while he was still on top of his game.  And Alden, sensing that people were wondering that, dispelled the notion that it was anything besides a personal decision.   

“There’s nothing about my health, there’s nothing about our family, there’s nothing about our finances, there’s nothing about anything out there,” he said.

Alden said his decision was a personal one and wasn’t related to the direction of the program. 

“You know as you look at why now for us, and this is Rockie and myself and Jake, so our family unit.  For us, we see this as part of our journey, this is part of our life’s journey,” he said.

Alden said he had been thinking about when the right time to exit would be for the past few years.  He added that making the announcement now gives the university the best opportunity to recruit an Athletic Director, a job he called one of the most appealing in the country. 

He mentioned his father-in-laws advice about not being the last one left at the party and sensing when it’s time to go.  Alden noted that when he came to MU, people weren’t talking championships like they are now but just wanted to win some games.  After his resignation becomes official on August 31, he will transition to a role with the College of Education.