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Side Effects Public Media

About This Section
We’re a health news service exploring the impacts of place, policy and economics on Americans’ health.

Our award-winning reporting centers personal stories as we expose injustices, explain complex policy issues and highlight solutions to long-standing health inequities.

Focus areas include: mental health and addiction, rural health, criminal justice, health inequities caused by barriers to care for marginalized communities.

We are a collaboration of journalists based at:
  • WFYI (Indianapolis, Indiana) — Side Effects headquarters
  • Iowa Public Radio (Des Moines, Iowa) 
  • KBIA (Columbia, Missouri) 
  • WFPL (Louisville, Kentucky) 
  • WSIU (Carbondale, Illinois) 
In addition, Side Effects works collaboratively with other Midwest NPR stations and shares a WFYI-based healthy equity reporter with the Indianapolis Recorder newspaper. We also partner with Tradeoffs — a podcast exploring our confusing, costly and often counterintuitive health care system.

Our stories reach national audiences through reporting partnerships with NPR, Kaiser Health News, Science Friday and Tradeoffs.