Off the Clock: Faith and Fiestas in Mexico, MO. | KBIA

Off the Clock: Faith and Fiestas in Mexico, MO.

Jun 29, 2012

On this edition of Off the Clock, we visit Monica Martinez, a teen whose Latin American family is putting down roots in Mexico, Missouri.

KBIA and the Columbia Missourian have been working with rural teens all over Missouri to get their stories about … being a teen, in rural Missouri. Called “My Life My Town,” the project worked with teens to create multimedia portraits about their lives – some of the teens where a pink triangle, some of them camouflage or a tiara. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hear the audio versions of these portraits on “Off the Clock."

Our second stop is Mexico, Missouri where being a teen means … balancing faith and family with your own dreams. In this portrait, "Faith and Fiestas," we’ll hear from Monica Martinez – she says her family and church are the most important things for her, and that she loves the peace and quiet of small-town life. It’s no surprise that Mexico is appealing, since her house is often bustling with family and friends on the weekends, and parties are the rule, not the exception.

 "Faith and Fiestas" was produced by Lydia Mulvaney and Andrew Schriver. My Life, My Town is a project of KBIA, the Columbia Missourian and the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

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