Croquet in Mexico, gardening in Columbia and 'My Life, My Town' | KBIA

Croquet in Mexico, gardening in Columbia and 'My Life, My Town'

Jun 22, 2012

On this week’s show: It’s summer. We’ll look at stories about playing croquet in Mexico (Missouri, that is), gardening in Columbia (Missouri, also) and life as a teen in a small town.

Being a teen … it’s arguably the best time of life, the most complicated time of life, perhaps the most hormonal time of life? What kind of life is it for teens in small towns? We’ll look at the first in our audio series of portraits of rural Missouri teens – called “My Life, My Town.”

KBIA and the Columbia Missourian have been working with rural teens all over Missouri to get their stories about … being a teen, in rural Missouri. Called “My Life My Town,” the project worked with teens to create multimedia portraits about their lives – some of the teens where a pink triangle, some of them camouflage or a tiara. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hear the audio versions of these portraits on “Off the Clock.”

Our first stop is Lawson, Missouri where being a teen means … being bored, apparently. This piece – “Bored in Lawson” was produced by Katie Currid for My Life, My town. The teens you hear in the piece are Mollie Currid (the producer’s sister), Griffin Gorham, Austin Simmons and Makayla Swope, who also helped Katie produce the piece.

You can see more My Life, My Town portraits - at

Croquet, anyone? Summer means it’s time for long lunches outdoors followed by a game of croquet. At least that’s what Mexico’s Parks and Recreation Department is hoping – it’s created what it claims is the world’s largest croquet course at Mexico’s Green Estate Park – the community put on its third exhibition of the croquet course last Saturday. KBIA’s Travis Simpfer was there, and has this story in Off the Clock.

Our last story in this week’s summer show: Gardening. Together. In Columbia a unique community garden is getting ready for the growing season. KBIA’s Alle Pawelski has this on a garden designed to promote healthy life and eating – in Columbia.

Thanks for joining us for Off the Clock this week. Whether you’re playing croquet, or gardening, or just being bored in Lawson, wherever you are this weekend, and whatever you’re doing, have a good one!