The Cultivator: Have We Backed Ourselves Into A Corner With Pesticides?

Feb 20, 2018

Damage to crops from the herbicide dicamba was prevalent during the 2017 growing season. The magnitude of damage has begged the question: Is U.S agriculture stuck in a spiral of always reaching for a stronger chemical?
Credit Credit Kevin Bradley / University of Missouri

Pesticide drift during the 2017 growing was historic -- about 3.6 million acres of soybeans were damaged by the weed killer dicamba. The Environmental Protection Agency and several states have slapped on stricter guidelines for the 2018 growing season, but enough damage has been done that stakeholders across the industry are worried that we've forced farmers into a cycle of always needing a stronger chemical to combat weeds that have grown resistant to what's already on shelves.

It's gotten so bad that one farmer has been murdered and lines have been drawn in rural communities across the U.S.

In this episode of The Cultivator, host Kris Husted takes a look at how we got here and what can be done to make sure U.S. agriculture doesn't head down a destructive path but remains sustainable for the future farmers and food supply.