Faster Internet Coming to Rural Mid-Missouri

Local residents and businesses in rural Missouri are preparing to get updated internet technology.

by Talia Cohen (Columbia, Mo.)

Boone and Callaway Counties are beginning to work on the Fiber-To-Home Broadband Project that will bring high speed internet to homes and businesses all over the area using fiber optic technology.  Socket Telecom and Governor Nixon broke ground Wednesday in Millersburg to kick off the project.  Socket’s Stephanie Rosskopf says the kickoff was the perfect way to get the community ready for the changes.

“It was great to see local officials, leaders, community leaders and the residents and businesses that came out to it.  You can definitely feel the excitement of this technology expansion that we are doing,” Rosskopf said.

Socket Telecom, along with the county governments received $23.7 million in grants and loans to begin the project.  The project is expected to finish in the year 2013.