Fighting for food

Oct 24, 2012

When it comes to the business of food, there’s a rivalry around every corner. You’ve got fights for prime farmland, wars over water use, even buying food at the grocery store has its competition with household bills encroaching on family budgets for the shopping list.

In Missouri, more than 56,000 kids qualify for the Buddy Pack Program. It’s a program that sends a backpack of nutritious food home with students from low-income families every weekend. This past year, though, the program’s taken a big hit thanks to sky-high gas and food prices and the loss of a major donor. KBIA’s Erin Dismeier checked in to see how communities are responding to this setback.

In another food fight, we have farmers versus weeds. In this clash the farmers seem to have had the advantage thanks to the herbicide roundup. But, now weeds are beginning to catch up, and farmers are using more chemicals to try to stay ahead. Grant Gerlock of Harvest Public Media reports on how Roundup-resistant weeds are changing the game.