Fulton Schools Investigating Controversial "Claim it" Activity

Mar 26, 2015

Fulton Public Schools has launched an investigation into a teacher-led activity referred to as a "survey" that has upset participating students and parents.

The Fulton Sun reports that during a Fulton Middle School physical education class on Friday, teachers conducted an activity called "Claim It," in which students were read various statements about their identity. If the statement applied to a student's life, he or she stepped forward in a line, according to the "Claim It" activity materials.

Some of the statements that upset parents and students touched on topics such as sexual abuse and financial problems inside the students' homes. Superintendent Jacque Cowherd apologized to parents for any stress the activity caused, and said it was a voluntary exercise.

According to Fulton Public Schools, the activity was a part of a school day focusing on character education.