Greitens Defends Tax Plan After Criticism from State Auditor

Feb 9, 2018

Credit David Shane / Flickr

Governor Eric Greitens defended his tax plan at a news conference Thursday afternoon, stating that the tax cuts would lead to more money for residents and would not decrease the amount of funding the government receives.

Greitens was responding to comments from the state auditor’s office that stated any more tax cuts would ultimately harm Missouri’s economy.

During her own news conference yesterday morning, State Auditor Nicole Galloway released a report that stated the government is increasingly relying on funding provided by residents.  

“Today, taxes paid by working Missourians account for nearly seventy percent of general revenue, Galloway said. "More and more, the burden of funding government is on the backs of working Missourians.”

In addition to defending his tax plan, Greitens also expressed support for open records laws reform, an issue recently highlighted after it was revealed his staff used a messaging app that deleted communication.