Legislative measure would bar Jayhawks specialty license plate

May 15, 2012

The Missouri House has approved language designed to bar the creation of a Kansas Jayhawks specialty license plate.  The measure was added onto a larger higher education bill passed by the House Tuesday.

It would require legislative approval of specialty license plates that feature out-of-state colleges and universities.  The sponsor, House Member Stephen Webber of Columbia, says it’s a direct result of Kansas dropping its football rivalry with Mizzou.

“This is one of those opportunities to kick the Jayhawks in their non-existent teeth, and I say we take advantage of it," Webber said. "Madam Speaker, I would like to say in all seriousness, the rivalry’s been good for Kansas City, it’s been good for our state, I think it’s been good for their state as well.”

Webber added, though, that if KU agrees to resume the Border Showdown rivalry that next year he would sponsor legislation to remove the added requirement for specialty plates.  The bill now goes to the Missouri Senate.