Missouri farmers try to protect themselves from agritourism

Feb 1, 2012

This week:  KBIA talks with William Barrett of Forbes on how the city of Columbia is in the top twenty places in the U.S. to come for a working retirement.  Plus, Missouri farmers are trying to protect themselves from "agritourism."

For many farmers, things like corn mazes, farm tours, and U-pick operations can be an important source of income. But “agritourism,” as it’s called, can also create legal headaches. In Missouri, farmers are backing a bill in the state legislature that aims to reduce their liability if someone gets hurt visiting the farm.  Jacob Fenston recently reported for Harvest Public media, on how farmers are trying to protect themselves.Columbia, Missouri. 

According to Forbes, Columbia Missouri is one of the top places to move to for a working retirement.  William Barrett, who wrote the article, spoke with KBIA on how he came up with this list and why Columbia is attractive for retirees.