Missouri House Approves Right-To-Work

May 11, 2018

Credit KBIA/file photo

The Missouri House has approved a resolution to amend the state constitution to ban mandatory union fees.If the Senate also approves the measure, voters would decide the issue Nov. 6. Right-to-work was signed into law by Gov. Eric Greitens but never took effect because union supporters gathered enough signatures to put a separate question on the November ballot that would let voters overrule that measure.

Proponents argue that making Missouri's right-to-work law would not prevent people from joining unions but would help prevent union corruption in industries that currently require union membership.

Opponents say banning mandatory fees could cripple citizens' — especially black citizens — the ability to fight for better wages.

The measure now heads to the Senate, which voted to move up the election overturning the right-to-work law to Aug. 7.