Missouri Senate backs limits to medical costs in court cases

Feb 17, 2016


Credit Brandon Bartoszek / Flickr

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Senate has given initial approval to a bill changing how medical expenses are handled in court cases.

The Senate's endorsement Wednesday came after Democrats staged an all-night filibuster that dragged out a debate that began Tuesday.

The bill would require the actual costs — not the value of medical treatment for plaintiffs — to be considered as evidence in civil lawsuits.

Republican supporters want to ensure that only insurance companies' and victims' out-of-pocket expenses can be reviewed in a trial — and not what's considered the cost of care, which could be higher.

Democrats said the measure could mean victims in personal-injury lawsuits receive less money.

Senators gave initial approval to the bill after adopting tweaks proposed by Democrats. It needs another vote to go to the House.