Missouri Senate Begins Scrutinizing Planned Parenthood Files

May 26, 2016

Credit File / KBIA

A Missouri Senate staffer has begun reviewing Planned Parenthood's internal records, including procedures for fetal tissue disposal.

Republican attorney Todd Scott began examining the documents Thursday at the office of Planned Parenthood's attorney. He checked the documents earlier this month to verify they were all present.

Planned Parenthood came under scrutiny last year after activists released undercover videos alleging the nation's largest abortion provider illegally profited from fetal tissue sales. Missouri's attorney general cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing, and the organization pointed to that exoneration when lawmakers subpoenaed documents for their own investigation.

Planned Parenthood agreed to share the documents after senators threatened to hold its regional CEO in contempt, which could have carried jail time.

The Senate has until mid-June to review the files.