Missouri Supreme Court Rules for Campaign Violation Fees

Feb 14, 2018

Credit File photo / KBIA

The Missouri Supreme Court is siding with the state Ethics Commission after it charged a former state lawmaker nearly $230,000 in fees for campaign finance violations.

Judges on Tuesday unanimously ruled that fees against former St. Louis Democratic Sen. Robin Wright-Jones were constitutional and within legal limits. Wright-Jones had argued the charge amounted to an unconstitutionally excessive fine.

Her attorney says they're reviewing their options.

The Missouri Ethics Commission charged Wright-Jones fees for a couple hundred thousand dollars of expenditures and contributions the candidate failed to accurately report by state deadlines. She was required to pay 10 percent of the fee initially, with the rest being waived if she didn't violate any more campaign finance laws.

Wright-Jones was elected to the Senate in 2008. She lost re-election in 2012.