Missourians to Vote on Raising Gasoline Tax this November

Jun 4, 2018

Missouri residents will be able to vote on raising the state's gasoline tax this November. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a question on the general election ballot calls for a phased-in 10-cent increase to the state's 17-cent per gallon motor fuel tax.

The proposal would raise the state's fuel tax for gas and diesel 2.5 cents per year, starting next year. It would also increase taxes on alternative fuels, such as natural gas and propane. Analysts predict the tax could bring in an additional $293 million for the state road fund.

The state Transportation Department will meet with regional planning commissions later this summer to create a priority list of potential projects. The state hasn't raised gas taxes since 1992, when a 6-cent increase was conducted over four years.