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MO Board of Education Reassess Educator Certification Exams

Jun 15, 2015

Provisions to give potential educators more time and fewer test questions on certification exams are being discussed by the Missouri Board of Education.
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  Missouri officials are proposing changes after aspiring teachers struggled on new educator certification exams, particularly those for math and science. 

Fifty-five content tests measure readiness to be everything from classroom teachers to superintendents. Newly released data shows that on six of the tests, fewer than half of the test-takers passed. The proposed changes include giving test-takers more time and fewer questions on some of the exams.

The changes will be discussed tomorrow at a Missouri Board of Education meeting. Issues arose after the state in September switched certification exams.

Instead of taking a teaching test known as Praxis II, students now must fare well on a more rigorous assessment called the Missouri Content Assessment. Through April 12, more than 7,100 of the tests were taken.