Pork checkoff funds research, can't please all producers

Sep 10, 2013

John Mabry, an animal science professor at Iowa State University, has a grant from the National Pork Board to study nutrition in Berkshire hogs.
Credit Amy Mayer / Harvest Public Media

On this week's show, we'll hear about a program that funds pork research, and revisit a story about food hubs.

Every time a hog is sold, farmers contribute to the National Pork Check-off. The program each year raises tens of millions of dollars that goes to the National Pork Board, which is charged with improving the $20 billion dollar industry. Some of that money funds scientific research. But as Harvest Public Media’s Amy Mayer reports, though all producers contribute, they aren't all satisfied with the research.

Also,  we’ll revisit a story about food hubs. These food processing and distribution centers make it easier for restaurants, grocery stores, and others to buy local food. As Sean Powers reported for Harvest Public Media back in July, it’s part of a trend that’s not only helping struggling farms, but also bringing in new talent to agriculture.