Regency tenants face lawsuit over rent

Mar 6, 2012

Regency of Columbia is suing several tenants of Regency Mobile Home Park for unpaid rent. The company has filed 22 rent and possession lawsuits and intends on evicting the tenants.

The Columbia City Council voted in November to rezone the Regency Mobile Home Park in order to make room for a student apartment complex. The park is scheduled to be closed by the end of May. Michael Carney is an attorney representing some of the Regency tenants. He feels the law is not on the side of his clients.

“For whatever reason, whether it’s political or just you know doesn’t seem to be viewed as an important issue, we don’t have much protection for people that are in mobile home parks,” Carney said.

Carney says some states such as Florida and Maine have laws that require landlords to provide moving expense compensation and advanced closure notice to help tenants find a new residence. Missouri hasn’t attempted to pass any legislation of the sort since 2005. The tenants are due in court with their unpaid rent this week and face eviction as soon as March 19 if they are not there. A spokesperson for the park declined comment on further details regarding the lawsuits.