Right To Work Ammendment Zooming Through State Legislature

May 11, 2018

Credit KBIA/file photo

A proposed constitutional amendment to enshrine right-to-work into the Missouri constitution is on a fast track in Jefferson City.

It comes after supporters couldn’t get enough signatures to put the amendment to a statewide vote.

Missouri lawmakers passed right-to-work early last year with hopes to ban employers and unions from requiring workers to pay dues, but the law didn’t take effect because opponents gathered enough signatures that voters this year will decide whether to repeal it.

When a competing initiative petition to put right-to-work in the state constitution failed at Sunday’s deadline, a dormant bill from Cass County Republican Representative Rick Brattin gained steam in the legislature.

The proposed amendment is now set to go to the full House. It must pass that chamber and the Senate before the legislative session ends next Friday.