On robots and farms

May 31, 2012

On this week’s show, we’ll learn how robots could be used to assist farmers, and hear about an upcoming astronomical event involving Venus and the sun.

There’s always work to be done on the farm. But often it’s the same tasks day after day after day. Parts of the job could feel a bit like an assembly line. It’d be great if robots could just do it. That idea might not be so far off, as Jeremy Bernfeld explains in the second installment of the Harvest Public Media series “Farmer of the Future.”

Plus, on June 5, if you look up at the sky you just might see Venus cross the face of the sun. The occurrence, which is called a transit, isn’t expected to take place again for another century. MU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy will host a viewing of the transit on Tuesday at Laws Observatory. Angela Speck is an MU Professor and Director of the astronomy program, and will be giving a talk as part of the event. She spoke to us about the rare astronomical event.