Scholastic Treasures Found in the Governor's Mansion by Missouri's First Lady

Mar 13, 2017

Credit j.stephenconn / Flickr

Missouri First Lady Sheena Greitens has found a treasure trove in the governor's mansion storage locker.

Greitens says she heard that there might be some children's books left over from past events at the mansion. She hoped to find enough to hand out at an Easter egg event next month.

But when she arrived in the storage locker, Greitens says she was "blown away" to find a mountain of about 20 boxes full of hundreds of children's books from Scholastic.

The first lady said she plans to donate the books, mostly to foster care facilities in Missouri.

During their short time in office, Greitens and her husband, Gov. Eric Greitens, have championed foster care in the state.