Senate candidates face off in last scheduled debate

Oct 18, 2012

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill and her Republican challenger Todd Akin face off tonight in their last scheduled Senatorial debate.  

The candidates for U.S. Senate last met in Columbia on September 21st where the two tackled issues like heath care, the state’s budget and higher education. And Congressman Todd Akin was questioned about his controversial comments on rape and pregnancy. Senator Claire McCaskill has since followed up with a series of ads featuring rape survivors.

University of Missouri Political Science Professor, John Petrocik says two online polls taken early this month show McCaskill up six points over Akin. Petrocik believes the rape controversy will be a hot topic at tonight’s debate. 

“The debate represents, I would assume in terms of goals is for him to shade this reputation of being an ideological extremist and for her part she wants to re enforce it at every turn,” said Petrocik.

On a St. Louis talk show in August, Akin questioned how often rape results in pregnancy, and referred to—quote—“legitimate rape.” The comments resulted in criticism from both parties and a  pull of support from GOP leaders. The candidates will meet at Clayton High School outside of St. Louis and the debate will broadcast live at 7 o’clock tonight.