For Some Senators, 2018 Legislative Session Ends on a High Note

May 21, 2018

Despite distractions created by Governor Greitens’ scandals, some senators are pleased with what they’ve accomplished this legislative session.

The session ended Friday, and many senators ended their state politics careers due to term limits. Senator Dan Brown is among them. He says the mark of a good session is passing a good budget.

“I’m leaving my last term, and I’m leaving with a budget that I’m proud of that doesn’t have holes in it. I tried to prevent hat for whomever the new appropriations chair may be,” Brown says.

This session, the legislature passed more bills than last year. Senator Jason Holsman says the governor’s absence from the legislative process allowed the House and Senate to vote on bills faster.

“It was a two-way conversation not a three-way conversation, and that allowed us to really do our jobs and focus on the policy itself. I think that helped pass some pretty big pieces of legislation,” Holsman says.

While the statehouse may be finished with bills, the House special session on impeachment began less than an hour after the regular session ended.