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Staying or going: 'My Life, My Town' in Glasgow

Jul 13, 2012

A high school senior, Madelyne cheerleads, serves as the Glasgow FFA President, and participates in Band and Choir. On the weekends, she works at the local bank. She cannot wait to leave the small-town life and the farm.

"I don't want to come back, but I will probably just end up back here," she says.

She aspires to become an actress, but is still deciding where she is going to school in the fall.

Her brother Landon is a sophomore. He is involved in sports like baseball and track, FFA, Band and Choir. He enjoys small-town life and wants to return to the farm after college.

"I like the small-town size of Glasgow. Anything else would be too big," says Landon.

On the weekends, Landon enjoys being outdoors working with family or in the field. He also likes to go fishing with his brother, Preston.

Only time will tell whether the siblings end up in different places in the end, or wind up coming back and staying in Glasgow.

On this edition of "Off the Clock," we hear our fourth portrait from the “My Life, My Town” series that documents the stories of teens in rural Missouri. Today we visit Madelyne and Landon Brand – siblings deciding whether to stay or go in Glasgow, Missouri.

Producers Carah Hart and Lizz Cardwell caught up with the Brands in this portrait, “Staying or Going.”

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