Sturgeon farmer donates $5,000 she won from Monsanto Fund

Apr 26, 2013

The Boone County Fire Department and the food pantry in Sturgeon both received unexpected $2,500 donations this week. 

Jodi Rush, a farmer in Sturgeon, says she won the Monsanto Fund’s random drawing at a fundraising dinner. This allowed her to donate $5,000 to charities of her choice. Boone County Battalion Chief Gail Bloomenkamp says the money will go to training firefighters to rescue people trapped in grain bins. 

"When we have those types of rescue situations, when it comes to grain bins or farming types of rescues it’s totally different than what people face on a daily basis. We intend to put that money to good use.”

Rush says the choice to donate to the fire department was obvious.

“The fire district is near and dear to my heart. My husband is on the fire district so I was like what better way of doing something for the station there in Sturgeon than give them the 25 hundred dollars.”

Rush was one of 71 farmers in Missouri to be awarded money from the fund, the charitable arm of Monsanto.